The Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) is a well-known device which can be used in the reduction of snoring and the reduction of sleep apnea as the case may be. There are many types of devices which can be employed in the use of the reduction of snoring, which is a common problem which many of us face every day. Snoring is the act of making unpleasant and unwanted vibrating noises when one sleeps. The snoring is done unconsciously and it is not known to the person who does it in most cases.

There are two types of snoring which one may subconsciously produce and they are the mild snoring, which is more or less of a soft breathing sound which is audible but does not produce much concern and the other type of snoring is the chronic snoring which produces a grating sound which is unpleasant most of the time and it calls for a serious health concern because these type of snoring can disrupt sleep and can lead to a medical condition called the sleep apnea.

The sleep apnea is a sleep disorder which can be gotten from the normal snoring. The sleep apnea is a serious case of concern for the medical health departments because of the numerous factors of which it can constitute to the health of a person. The sleep apnea is the number one sleep deprivation cause that one gets in the American society today. The sleep apnea is more associated with the elderly than the younger people and it can affect people of all ages.

The sleep apnea is likely to result in problems which include, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, and many other cardiovascular issues. When a person has sleep apnea which is normally started by the regular snoring, the person may wake up gasping for air from sleep. Sometimes the gasping lasts for seconds and depending on the severity of the apnea problem it could last for few minutes as well.

Those who have sleep apnea have a tendency of waking up from sleep not feeling well rested, they would have a slow response in carrying out memory functions like thinking, using motor skills and others, the person affected sometimes would get dizzy even in the daytime and this is a dangerous problem if the person was a driver or a machinery operator. In the case of children, the sleep apnea can make them lack the proper motor skills for learning and it can make them hyperactive in many cases.

The mandibular advancement device is a good combatant against snoring and sleep apnea as the case may be. The MAD is one of the most widespread anti-snoring devices, second to the snoring pillow which is available on the market today. The MAD functions as a snoring mouthpiece by moving the lower jaw of the affected person forward and making it stay in that position as the person sleeps throughout the night.

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And as such, the air passage at the back of the person’s lungs would remain open and this action would make the snoring which the person produce to reduce significantly and with a proper use it can make the snoring to cease completely with time.  The MAD has been scientifically proven to be an effective mouthpiece tool for reducing snoring. According to the study made on it in 2005, there was an experiment conducted on 20 snorers with the tool and they all proved to stop snoring with time as they used the MAD tool.

The MAD is also a good remedy for curing sleep apnea. The sleep apnea just like the snoring is caused by a narrowing of the windpipe which air is meant to pass through, but in the case of the sleep apnea sometimes the windpipe closes completely at times not permitting for air to pass through or permitting for a shallow breathing as the case may be and this situation can make the snorer come awake suddenly with a start gasping for air and the condition wanes as the windpipe dilates again allowing the air to pass through once more.

Using the MAD may not seem as easy as it sounds, this is because there has to be a need for the affected person to get used to using the tool. Some people find it complicated to fall asleep with the MAD in the first few nights they use it.

And sometimes for some people, after using the MAD to sleep they wake up with a kind of soreness and tiredness being felt in their jaws. But, don’t be discouraged it is a normal thing associated with the use of the MAD and in time when the body gets used to it, the pain and soreness dissipate away.

The MAD is a relatively safe anti-snoring tool and even many other anti-snoring tools you can purchase in the market is safe so, far it has been authorized for use by the Federal Drug Agency (FDA).

This means it is safe for the use of anybody. But it is also important to check on what type of material was used in the production of the mouthpiece. The reason is that most anti-snoring aids are made from copolymer, which is the approved medical material for making the MAD and in a case of where another kind of material is used for making it, I will not advise you buy it.

The MAD is not like the Tongue restraint device which is another helpful tool in the fight against snoring. The MAD does not come in a readily used setting but there have to be efforts to set up the MAD device before one can use it for the night. It must be said that the tool is complicated at times and it is not everyone who is capable of getting it right, hence there is always a need to visit a dentist if one finds the task too challenging. The most, MAD device which they make has some processes which must be applied to the setup and there are ways to which one can go about this. One of such ways is reading the manual of which the instructions on how to set up the device is outlined.

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